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Unique Ways to Get Referrals

Started by iteccentre 2017-01-01 at 02:07
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1. Post on GPT forums.
This is a great idea, get involved in forums that are about the get paid industry and put your referral link in your signature. Don’t make the mistake of spamming the forum otherwise you will find your post deleted and most likely your account at the forum banned. What you want to do is become a part of the forum community and as more and more people read what you have to say, you will find people will start to click your referral link out of curiosity, this will lead to sign ups. (might not be accepted by some forums).

2. Tell friends and family.
Such an easy thing to do but the most often this over looked all too often, a lot of people that don’t understand how it is possible to make money online maybe skeptical at first, but start showing them your checks and/or payment proofs and they will soon change their tune and want to give it a go for themselves.

3. Letter box drop your neighborhoods.
Making up flyers and doing a letterbox drop can be an effective way of getting referrals, just keep in mind the more flyers you get into letter boxes the more referrals you are likely to get. This can be time consuming though and will cost you a little bit of money up front to get the flyers made up. (just don't get caught :p kiddin'

4. Walk through parking lots putting flyers on cars.
It is a quick way to get your flyer to many people, the problem is if those flyers get read or not, so if you are going to try this make sure your flyers stand out.

5. Write a blog.
If you want to get serious about gaining referrals to any program then this is a must do, make a simple blog about your get paid to program, the trick is then to get traffic to your blog. This I will make a seperate post about and go into more detail on how to drive traffic to your site.

6. Find chat rooms and groups that have the sole purpose of “Easy Money Making”
It isn’t all that time consuming and can be fun and you most likely pick up a few tips and tricks from the chat room as well.

7. Write a classified ad.
Advertising in your local newspaper could have some very good results, your ad will be read by thousands of people and if only 100 people of those thousands bother to check out the site you are advertising and if out of those only half sign up, then that is potentially 50 referrals you could get just for running the one ad. The more I think about this, the more I think that I will give it a go.

8. Talk to students at high schools and colleges.
Absolutely go for it, if you a teen in high school then you know exactly how much your school friends need money, if you can show them an easy and legitimate way to make money online then surely they are going to be interested and if you can follow up and show them your checks/payment proofs then I think you will find they would be more than willing to sign up on the spot and give it a go.

9. Put a flyer up at work.
A simple flyer in your work’s staff room can be very effective, everyone there is working to make money, if they can be introduced to an easy way to make a bit more then most of them are going to be interested.

10. Advertise while you drive with flags, bumper stickers, etc.
This does take a little bit of money to be spent up front, but I find that the results are worth it.

11. Post your link at the end of your YouTube videos.
It only takes one of your video’s to become popular and go viral and you could have your referral link viewed by thousands upon thousands of people world wide, really worth doing this on any video you make and upload to youtube or similar sites.

12. Give flyers for local businesses to hand out.
Print out flyers and ask local business’s if you can leave some in their shop for customers to look at, this is especialy effective in any fast food shop where people are standing around waiting for their order, put a few flyers on a table and you will find a lot of people will read them while they wait.

13. Make a website.
If you are into building websites, then you can easily do something, share your experiences with others and help them to make a similar amount as you are and you will have many people signup under you.

14. Tell people thru IM/PM.
Go for it, if you have friends on MSN, AIM etc, let them know about the get paid to program you are in (NEOBUX) and how you are going with it. Half the battle is already won here, the people you talk to are already spending time on the internet and signing up for different things all the time, so why not tell them they can get paid for it.

15. Paid advertising on other people’s websites.
Making your own site or blog is easy, the trick then is to get traffic to it, advertising on a popular site is a sure fire way to get your referral link seen by many people at once, that being said don’t go over aboard with what you spend, i.e. spend 50% or so of what you earn into promoting and the rest goes in the bank for you.

16. Advertise on on-line games.
This is something I havn’t done myself as of yet, but it is something that I have considered in the past, if anyone wants to give it a shot, please drop me a note and let me know how it went!

17. Print business cards and include your phone number and/or email to enter into business drawings (like you find in a lot of restaurants).
You never know this might just get you one or 2 referrals (Or leave your cards on the table after you have had a meal). the trick with business cards is to get them to as many people as possible.

18. Buy “paid to sign up” at other GPT sites.
This will certainly get you referrals, whether or not they are active is a totally different matter. I would suggest if you are going to try this is to buy the cheapest package you can get at a few different sites and see how your results are before going for it big time.

19. Buy an expired domain with traffic and “redirect” it to your referral link!
This is an old school trick that many people have been doing for a long time now, a lot of expired domains still have traffic and if you can grab one at the right time, you can do quite well.

20. Buy banner space. Impression in high PR forums/groups.
Though it's not one of my favorite ways to get referrals, but it depends on where you are promoting your banner, not on how many people see it! For example, if you are buying banner impressions in a website that has many people promoting the same website banner and the same banner is seen over and over again, it will be just a waste of money for you, so be smart about it.

21. Buy text links on blogs/forums/groups.
Yeah give it a go, the more people that see your links the more likely you are to get people clicking on your link.

22. Offer cash or other incentives for sign-ups!
This can actually work quite well, work out a profit share deal with the person that is signing up under you, after all they are earning you money so why not share a little with them as an incentive reward! The other thing that helps with recruiting new referrals to your program is that if they have seen the site before through someone else’s referral link then a financial incentive could be the difference that sways them to sign up with you.

23. Add your ref link or website to a file name of an mp3, video, or program and share it over a file-sharing network like Bear Share or a torrent program.
This comes under the category of getting your referral link out to as many people as possible to be viewed. Weight of numbers will convert into referrals.

24. Free traffic exchanges.
Although it is already known way by most of us, but it is somehow effective. There are plenty of traffic exchanges on the internet that will help in getting traffic to your site, traffic exchanges give you a credit for every site of someone else’s that you view, those credits are then redeemed for people to view your website.

25. Paid traffic exchanges.
Don’t have time to surf other peoples sites, then you can pay a fee to have visitors sent to your site. I would be tentative in the beginning if you try this method, do your research and your testing, if the traffic exchange doesn’t work, move on and try something else, if it does work though stick with it and go for it and build your downline.

26. Google Adwords (makes website ads that link to your website or ref link).
Find yourself some long tail key words that aren’t competitive and you can find your self gaining referrals at a cheap price. (Works best if you have a redirected URL to your ref link).

27. Mention that you get paid in US funds.
This is a huge plus when it comes to recruiting to any program not only NeoBux, if someone from over seas joins the site and gets paid in US dollars it can be an extra 50% or even 100% more when they convert into local currency, don’t be afraid to recruit people from over seas, they might be that next huge promoter.

28. Rent a billboard (Approx. $8-$15 per day).
This is a great idea if you can get billboard advertising at a cheap rate and one that has a lot of traffic that will see it and read your message on a daily basis. I would then again suggest if you are going to go with this then get a URL that points and/or redirects to your referral link. Remembering (www. yoursite .com) is a lot easier then remembering ( the risk you take there is that your potential referral won’t type in your ref number and/or your username and you lose out.

29. Get a tattoo with your referral link on it!
Well… this one is up to you, I would guess if nothing else you would have people asking about your tattoo and the site it is promoting but branding yourself with your referral link is a big call.

30. Go door-to-door and ask in person.
If you are familiar with the people in your neighborhood then it could pay you to knock on a few doors, talk to them about your get paid to site and then offer to sign them up whilst you are there and help them get started.

31. Add your site/blog to digg, stumble upon, Bumpzee,, etc.
This is an absolute must do for any site owner, add one or two of your articles and if it is good with a bit of luck you can find yourself with 20,000 vistors in a little under 24 hours.

32. Have a friend or network digg your site/blog to digg, stumble, etc.
The more diggs you get the closer to the front page your article will be, if a couple of friends can help you out and get you a little closer to the front page then go for it, it is well worth the time you spend.

33. Get a custom made shirt with advertisement on the front and/or back.
This is not as silly as it sounds, it is often we see people wearing shirts with website names on them and if you are like me then from time to time when you get home you check out the site to see what it is about. Same principal here, the more people that see your site name on your shirt will mean the more people that go home and check out your site. (How about that QR Code?!)

34. Radio advertisement for your referral link or website.
This is certainly worth a shot if you can word an ad that piques the curiosity and gets people thinking about the site and wanting to have a look at the site to see what it is about. As you may have noticed by now, gaining referrals is all about maximizing the exposure of your ref link, site or blog.

35. Attach your referral link in your email address or signature.
This is such a simple thing to do but so many people over look it, have a think about how many emails you send out, how many times those emails are forwarded on to others and then you start to realize the viewing potential of your referral link in just your email signature.

36. Road-side signs & banners.
This is another thing that I have thought of doing many times but have never quite got around to it, that being said I think it could get you a few referrals and if you are a bit sneaky, you could make up your own sign and find a nice place that gets plenty of traffic and put the sign up free of charge. (Grafitti anyone?!)

37. Have people signup through NeoBux in order to read this post (or other good posts by other members)!
Do you know how many people who use internet are looking for ways to earn online?! Or better yet are in the online marketing who are eager to find out ways to recruit others? Get potential referrals interested in this type of articles/posts, and chances are they will signup!

38. Optimize your website for excellent search engine ranking.
This takes time and a bit of experience, but if you are going to go to the trouble of building a website/blog then you really should do some research into Search Engine Optimization, this will help you obtain a higher result in search engine placement.

39. Add regular content to your site or blog. Keep it updated with new info.
Building your site is one thing, but you can’t just forget it, keep it updated and keep it fresh and you will find that alone will give you a higher search engine placement.

40. On your banner/images, use the “alt tag” with either your webpage/blog or “keyword”. Search engines can index/spider images, so adding the “alt tag” helps “define” the image!
This is over looked by numerous people when they build a website, particularly to those that are new to site building. Search engines can’t tell one picture from another from a simple image url, so using the Alt tag gives a describtion for your picture that search engines can index.

41. Put a cheap ad in your local penny saver or thrifty nickel in the help wanted or employment section.
This is well worth doing, first of all it is cheap and won’t cost you too much but it is then seen by many people that can use extra money, if they read they can make extra money from home then I think they are going to be interested enough to check it out.

42. Put an E-book up for auction on Ebay with your blog or website info in it.
This is a very good idea, many people purchase ebooks online and from ebay, simply put your website information into your ebook and load it with affiliate links, then sell it for 0.99 cents or something very cheap, you will make a bit of money from the ebay sales but you will also make money from the referrals this technique will generate.

43. Before shipping eBay items, put an ad with your ref link or URL in the box.
Every time you can, get that ad out for your website or referral link in it as well.

44. Send email to all your contacts, and tell them to join with your referral link.
Don’t spam, but if you are well known to all of your contacts then why not send them an email telling them about NeoBux and the money that you are earning, you will get a few people emailing you back expressing their interest and asking questions.

45. Tell people at school.
Teenagers at school, you guys know how hard it is to make money, particularly in your early teens, tell your friends at school, show them your check and/payment proofs and watch the referrals come flooding in.

46. Use URL shorteners if you don't want to and/or can't purchase a URL so you can change your referral link completely.
This is a very good idea, it is easy for a potential referral to just type in rather then if you can completely change that referral url to something that is easy to remember and doesn’t look like a referral url then you will find it will be easier to advertise the new link and get more conversions (people signing up).

47. Make a sign to put on a row of shared mailboxes.
Why not give it a go? 20 minutes work or there abouts can get you a few quick and easy referrals.

48. Sign up for a virtual business card and list your blog under the money making forum. Once you sign up, visit other money making blogs and drop your card on their site.
I have not tried this idea myself but I don’t think it would hurt to give it a shot and see how it goes.

49. Build a huge MySpace or Facebook friends list and dedicate the profile to your blog or website.
Social sites like Myspace, Facebook and Twitter are a gold mine and if you have a huge following you can quite easily get yourself a number of referrals, if you can create a successful group on Facebook and get your self 100,000 plus members then you can imagine how much traffic you can potentially get to your blog or website/ref link.

50. Place business cards with your referral link in shopping carts.
Very good idea, the more places that you can put your business cards that people will pick them up and read them the better.

51. Put up a flyer that has your ref link with tear off tabs on store bulletin boards.
Many people do this as I am sure you have all have seen these types of flyers in the past. If so many people do then it must work, the trick is to have a good message that interests people enough to tear off the stub and check out the site.

52. Go to the library and place business cards with referral links in books about financing, debt, home businesses, etc.
This is called ambush marketing and if done right can be very effective, don’t go overboard though and put cards in every book in the library, just a few here and there. Whilst you are at the library put a few cards on the desks as well.

53. Place business cards with referral link in public restrooms. (don't bomb the walls though :p).
You may laugh at this, but why not give it a go, people will read the card and that is one of the most important thing when it comes to advertising of any sort, you need people to read your message.

54. Text your link to all your friends/family.
Text a simple message such as, “check this site out” or something similar is just enough information to get someone interested enough for them to have a look at a site that you just recommended.

55. Set your in-game username to a shortened link or your referral link.
I see this all the time and usually the site name sticks in my mind, it is well worth doing this.

56. Hold up a sign on a street corner just like a car wash.
I think with this method you would need a bunch of business cards with you to give out to anybody that is potentially interested, now I got to admit I am not about to go and test out this referral technique myself but you are all more then welcome to give it a try and let me know how you go.

57. Put your URL in your PS3/Xbox360 comments.
This is thinking outside of the box and cross promoting, very simple to do and can lead to positive results.

58. Point out that this is not a scam such as “free to sign up”, post testimonials, or “doesn’t require confidential information such as credit cards, bank account, or social security info.
A lot of people are still very reluctant to give out personal information over the internet and that is fair enough I guess, so point out the facts that other then an address there is no need to give out any other personal information to get paid.

59. Print off fake/dummy checks and leave them at heavily populated places.
Make it out to Uncle Sam for $23,000, sign it, and just below the dollar amount, put in case this check is found, please visit www.”yourwebsite”.com.
Sounds like a fun idea and could get you a few people that have a look at your site.

60. Write your referral url or website address on every $1 bill you get
The average dollar bill changes hands hundreds of times in it’s life time, if you write your site address on just 100 of your $1 bills and they each change hands 100 times each, that is 10,000 people that will have seen your referral url.

61. Put business cards in the credit card slots at gas stations.
This is sneaky though, make sure the cards are hanging out of the slot a bit, I’d 100% guarantee that everyone that pulls out the card will have a look at it quickly, some people will keep it others will throw it away.

62. Make business card coupons with your website or ref link and leave at different stores with a Take One – Free sign.
This is a must do and if you can put a few flyers there as well, getting that information out to as many people as possible is what this referral game is all about.

63. Buy a pack of blank CD’s and burn a run file of your website or a notepad file with a copy of your blog or ref link!
This is something I had never thought of before, but it does look professional and I think many people will if nothing else at least put the disc in their computer and have a look at what is on it.

64. Print free business cards. As you have read there is plenty of different ideas to get referrals using business cards, you may as well get them for free if you can.

65. Get pencils, paper, pens, magnets, etc printed with your link on them and “leave” them lying around.
I’d suggest buying fridge magnets and leaving one on fridges at all your friends and families houses.

66. Start up a free online game site full of free java and flash games and embed your banner into the top of each game.
If you in to making websites then this is for you, any site that is getting traffic not only a games site, I would put a banner on the site and get yourself a few referrals, it also helps making your site financially viable and helps to pay server costs etc.

67. Paint your referral link on your car and go on a road trip across the country.
I wouldn’t paint the link on the car, maybe purchase a magnet for the door or you can purchase a stencil for the back window, make your back window a mobile advertising bill board that's seen by thousands of people every day.

68. Put the link on your msn name.
Pretty easy to do and is easily seen by all of your contacts.

69. Pass out cards at a trade show.
Once again this is about getting your information out to as many people as possible.

70. Write your link on the back of a restaurant paper place mat.
Well, can’t say I have tried this or heard of anyone doing it, but if it was me at a restaurant I would try this and leaving a business card with your tip.

71. Get a rubber stamp and stamp your referral link or website on envelopes that you use to mail bills.
Everyone that gets a letter from you will see your ref link, some of them will have a look at it.

72. Offer to help find their first referrals after signing up under you.
Helping those that are helping you make money can be a huge incentive, offer to find a few referrals for each of your active downline members will be very much appreciated and an added incentive to work harder.

73. Write an article.
I would suggest writing many of these and putting your referral link or website address in the bottom of the post where you tell people a little about the author, a well written informative post can be well received and read by many.

74. Paint your referral link on the street.
Hmm… maybe do this in the middle of the night lol.

75. “Brand” yourself with a familiar name on forums, articles, etc.
Absolutely do this, make everything you do online by the same nickname a simple google search of the name will come up with thousands of results, so try and stick with the same nickname if you can and build yourself a respectable reputation and you will find that people will listen to what you have to say and will be more likely to sign up under you rather then someone they do not know.

76. Take your laptop with you anywhere you go with a wireless connection.
What better way to get people to signup then to literally take the site to them and showing them the benefits of NeoBux itself, you can talk one on one and show people how to click ads and get started and you can get them to signup if they too have a laptop or even smart phones and tablets!

77. Cross-link your website, blogs, articles, posts, ref links and classifieds.
Cross linking your website and ref links etc can build up your search engine results, the more back links you can create the better.

78. Get custom-made ink-filled shoes with your redirected URL or ref link embedded on the bottom so everywhere you walk, it acts like a pen and stamps your link everywhere! Pretty extreme ain't it!