An Arowana
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Arobux?

Arobux is a Paid-to-Click website where advertisers can display theirs websites to our affiliates. Members are being paid to watch the advertisements displayed and doing different tasks offered by advertisers.

Who can join?

Anyone who passed age 18 can join as the member of Arobux and therefore is open to US and International members; however, it is void where prohibited by local governing laws.

About Multiple Aro Account?

We simulated the model beyond the actual dragon fish, one person may be more arowana breeding. So, Arobux allows you to create more than one account with upgraded members.

Can anyone click instead of me?

Sure, we understand people can sometimes be a little busy and in that case, feel free to ask your friends or family to do you a favor and view your advertisements. As long as you are in no violation of our terms of service, you will be just fine. Nevertheless, please note that any attempt to use bots, auto-click software will be detected and will lead to account termination immediately

Can I have a refund?

Please note that openning an unlawful chargeback dispute via Paypal leads to permanent account suspension. Legal claims will be filed against the members who misuse the chargeback/unauthorized claim disputes.

What is the reset time for advertisements?

All ads reset at 00:00(Server time). Grid ads are reset every 24 hours.